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Chemical Supply System

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Chemical Supply System
A system that supplies chemical liquid and gas to semiconductor and display production equipments stably and effi ciently.

Professional staff

- Design specialist: Full line design for semiconductor and display chemical supplement system
   (average career is more than 7 years)
- Production specialists: Specialist assembly and production manpower of Chemical Supply System
   (average 10 years or more)

Stable production system with systematic organization

- Stable price, fast delivery, high responsiveness
- Self-contained clean room for clean production environment
- Possible to manufacture special parts with own processing division

R & D

- Specialized Researcher (Doctoral / Master's degree)
- Substitution development / stable unit price
- Possible to manufacture complete products using fl uid and fl ow analysis

Product Line Up

STS Type

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For organic chemical liquid

Accuracy of machining 

± 1.0 mm 

Accuracy of fusion 

± 1.0 mm 

Accuracy of outer case dimension 

± 3.0 mm 

Delivery time
2 ~ 3 months after order
No Leak / No Fault Appearance / Torque Compliance