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Induction Heatting Roller

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Induction Heatting Roller
The high frequency induction heating method is based on switching circuit technology of semiconductor devices and applied electromagnetic phenomenon.The magnetic flux generated by the high frequency current flowing in the induction coil is concentrated in the roll shell, and the eddy current generated by the electromagnetic induction action heats the object to be heated.
▶ AIK Technology
Specially designed induction coils can ensure the uniformity of the surface temperature of the rollers, and it is possible to develop high efficiency heating rollers through optimized switching circuit technology.
▶ AIK Induction Heating Roller Advantages

High effciency

Power consumption is about 1/8
of that of competitors' products.

Ensuring perfect
temperature uniformity

Temperature uniformity: ± 1℃

Precise temperature control

Ensure AIK's temperature control system

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