Facilities Introduction

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  • Headquarters-Building A

    1st floor (Clean Room)
    2nd floor (R&D Center, office building)

  • Headquarters-Building B

    Precise Machining Division

  • Building C

    System Division

  • Overseas Branches

    Shenchen, China
    Hanoi, Vietnam

Headquarters-Building A 1st floor (Clean Room)
Class 10,000 / 100,000, 525㎡
Headquarters-Building A 2st floor (R&D Center)

R&D-exclusive Clean Booth

R&D-exclusive clean booth in addition
to the clean room on the first floor

Various measuring instruments available

Optical microscope, Particle Counter,
Contact angle meter, etc.

Small- and medium- sized Demo System

- Single span system capable of testing and
demonstration for small- and medium-sized (6G)
- Particle measurability : Vision camera

Building B - Precision Machining Division
MCT No. 4 (4 units) / MCT No. 5 (2 units) / MCT No. 6 (4 units)
CNC 12”(2 units) / CNC 8”(2 units)
Universal milling (1 unit) /Universal shelf (1 unit)
3-dimensional meter Mitutoyo (2 units)
3-dimensional meter Dukin (1 unit)
2-dimensional meter TESA (2 units)