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Beyond the Best, To be the Only one
We will be the only one corporation specializing atmospheric plasma and USC beyond the first in the world
based on our precise machining technologies for semiconductors, LCD, OLED, automation equipment, medical devices, etc.
It’s a Good Story, If It’s like The AI Korea.
We sincerely thank you for visiting AI Korea website.

Ernest Hemingway once answered as below to the reporter who asked him what makes a good novel:
“It’s a good story if it’s like the Manila hotel.”
He gave the example of an old hotel in Manila that had been established 100 years before
instead of some other 7-star hotel because he valued the old hotel’s distinct history
and stories more than anything in the world.

Theses days, almost all things become old in just a day.
AI Korea Co., Ltd. pursues the ‘only’ technologies and products in the world
beyond the vision of the world’s first and best.

With this in mind, we wish to make diverse stories with our customers.

Beyond the Best, to be the Only one!
With a focus on customer values with differentiated competitive edge,
AI Korea will keep growing into a corporation with its own stories.
Thank you.
Ahn Jin-ho, CEO, AI Korea Co., Ltd.