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AI KOREA System Division

- AP(Atmospheric Pressure) Plasma
- Ultrasonic Dry Cleaner(USC)
- Automated Equipment

AP Plasma Technology

Mainly used in semiconductor, LCD and OLED processes, AP Plasma is a dry eco-friendly
cleaner system that uses oxygen radicals activated by plasma, instead of the conventional
wet cleaning method using DIwater, to remove organic matter and reform the surface

- O radicals are created when plasma is ‘ON.’
- An organic matter consists of C-H-O, each of which chemically reacts with O radical for cleaning
※ CO2 when reacted with C, H2O when reacted with H, and chain reaction when reacted with O

Before plasma processing
During plasma processing
After plasma processing

Advatages & Key Features

01. Gas and air transfer loss minimization technology
Minimizing process gas usage through the simulation results of the research team and internal case con guration design technology
02. Internal power supply technology
Internally developed & produced low Hz and low energy power supply technologies
03. Internalization of all components
Internal precise machining technology & department for internal production of all processed goods
04. Electrode Innermetal technology
Effective inner metal with high voltage & low energy through consistent research
05. Electrode Ceramic technology
Thin film ceramic production through AIK’s own precise ceramic design & machining technologies
06. Electrode assembly technology
0% abnormal discharge and maximal plasma effi ciency with AIK’s own ceramic Ass’y technology


Power Supply technology
→ No additionally purchased product
→ Owned technology
→ Internal production
Precision machining in-house
- all components internally manufactured

→ A ll components internally produced by the department of machining with years of know-hows
Independent electrode technologies
→ 0 % abnormal discharge, low power consumption, low temperature, and high performance
→ Definite reduction in running cost (Gas cost/electricity cost)


Zero product risk of fire!!
No electric shock for operators,
No damage to product features and appearance!!
No Damage !
Product/human safety with low heat