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AI KOREA System Division

- AP(Atmospheric Pressure) Plasma
- Ultrasonic Dry Cleaner(USC)
- Automated Equipment

Ultrasonic Dry Cleaning Technology

To facilitate ultrasonic dry cleaning under atmospheric pressure, it is necessary to formulate
an adequate level of wave interference (incident wave + refl ected wave) to make a highly
dense air gap on the glass and separate the particles from the glass surface with sufficient
sound pressure. To achieve this, it is important to constantly maintain the coherence
length of the wave at a certain level. AIK has acquired the ultrasound control technology
that allows it to develop an independent technology to induce the levitation e ects o
ultrasound and commercialize highly performing USC.

Before USC processing
During USC processing
After USC processing

USC Advatages

01. 0% Particle scattering
0% Particle scattering through the simulation results from the research team and internal case con guration design technology
02. Internal controller technology
Stable, highly performing and convenient controller technology through internal development and production
03. Internalization of all components
Internal production of all processed goods with internal precise machining technology and division
04. Head Slit machining technology
Internal head slit technology that creates highly performing ultra sonic through the machining technology with many years of know-hows


Internal controller technology
→ No additionally purchased product
→ Internal technology
→ Internal production
Machining Division
- internal machining of all components

→ I n ternal production of all components with the Machining Division with many years of know-hows
Internal head slit technology
→ R ealization of 0% Particle scattering and verification complete
(Officially verified by S company)
→ R ealization of a high removal rate above 99.5% and verification complete
(Officially verified by S company)


TEMP. & Pressure Sensor & Display
T emperature sensor YES!!
Pressure sensor YES!!
Real-time display YES!!
Smog Sensor
C omplete fire prevention!!
Smoke sensor equipped!!
Pad Lock! EMS!
P ad lock equipped for electric safety and prevention!
EMS equipped for response to emergency situations!!